community garden

connecting both on site and online through this interactive garden exhibit.

about the exhibit component

Community Garden is an immersive, digital installation where participants are invited to draw and plant a flower via a customized Garden website With a simple swipe, the flower appears in a publicly projected field of flowers. These flowers also appear in real-time on the installation website, allowing people across many locations add to the collection and connect to one another through this shared experience. Inspired by the CMP’s exhibits about kindness, artist, Jordan Graves, partnered with the Museum to develop the concept into a full immersive experience that brings the digital experience into the physical world.

The exhibit can be installed in several ways, from a simple projected activity to an interactive smart screen to a fully immersive exhibit space. Deliverables include a license for software and creative package; marketing kit; educational programs guide. Scope of furnishings, fixtures and equipment to be determined. Specific equipment requirements will vary based on specific site conditions. This exhibit can be fabricated as a storable pop-up kit, allowing for more flexibility in location and schedule.

materials: License for software and creative package, marketing kit, and educational programs guide.
cost: Contact us for pricing and specification details.
size: Designed to fit in spaces 500 – 2,000 sq. ft.

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