machine walls

a custom-built system of magnetic parts to make a chain reaction machine for use in hands-on museums, maker spaces and classrooms.

about the exhibit component

Make your own chain reaction machine by arranging a series of ramps and tubes on a magnetic surface, creating new ways to move a ball from point A to B to C, and so on. The machines can also tell a story by layering images of familiar, iconic Rube Goldberg illustrations in the sequence.

This exhibit can be designed as a free-standing component or placed against a flat wall. In the free-standing unit, the second side can be finished with wood and used for signage or fitted with additional magnet sheet to create a double-sided exhibit. All versions come with one of two challenge starter sets that include both fixed and movable elements.

  • Side One: Help the mouse get some cheese includes two (2) fixed wheels with ramps and three (3) fixed baskets.
  • Side Two: Help the dog get a bone includes a set of fixed steps, one (1) fixed basket and one (1) fixed bell.
  • Moveable Parts: Both sets include (6) 18” ramps, (6) 12” ramps and (4) flexible tubes. The double-sided version includes both the mouse and dog challenge. Additional sets of movable elements are available at an additional cost.

materials: Baltic birch wood, HDPE plastics, galvanized steel sheet, and polycarbonate plastics with graphics.
cost: Single-Sided Machine Wall: $19,500
Free-Standing Machine Wall: $25,000
Double-Sided Machine Wall: $32,500
Size: 16’L; 4’ W; 5’H
overall dimensions can be modified to fit the installation site. Specific design details will be provided for owners approval prior to fabrication.

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