slushy table

all ages will enjoy exploring ice throughout the year at this fun table.

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about the exhibit component

Play and sculpt with shaved ice inside, an experience that is unexpected and unncommon for most children. The round top is segmented so you can make your own individual sculpture while still sharing the experience with others. Colorful LED lights glow through the white acrylic tops, adding more playful exploration opportunities. This activity is an innovative approach to STEAM learning and can be scaled for children of various ages and interests. The table is made of acrylics, metal and wood. There is a chiller in the base to keep the work stations cool. Each work station has a channel that lets the melting ice drain back into the center bin. This unit requires 110V AC power and must be in a wet-tolerant space. The shaved ice is made by a commercially available devices and is not included with the table.

Cost: Slushy Table: $24,500
size: 60” diameter; 28” H

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