thank you tree

thanking others with a message on this piece offers a simple and beautiful activity for all ages.

about the exhibit component

Populate the tree with tags filled with messages of thanks, remembrance or other responses tied to your specific exhibit experience. The result is a constantly changing collection of notes that form an engaging narrative of thoughts and feelings.

The tree is available in three sizes (S, M, L) approximately ranging from 54” – 80” tall and 48″ – 66″ wide. Depending on the style of ‘leaf’, they can be tied with string or attached with twist ties.

materials: wood and/or HDPE plastic
cost: Large Tree: $10,500
Medium Tree: $8,250
Small Tree: $7,000
size: Large Tree: 80"tall; 66"wide
Medium Tree: 72"tall; 48"wide
Small Tree: 54"tall; 44"wide

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