thank you tree

thanking others with a message on this piece offers a simple and beautiful activity for all ages.

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about the exhibit component

Expressing emotions in words is important, but is sometimes difficult – especially for children. Writing simple messages is an effective and accessible way for people to start having conversations., The tree display was designed as an easy way for children to share these messages in a fun and interactive activity. The tree grows and changes as the leaf-shaped tags are added, resulting in a constantly changing collection of notes that form an engaging narrative of thoughts and feelings. The tree form is made of wood, plastic and metal, Depending on the style of ‘leaf’, they can be tied with string or attached with twist ties. Other options are available, including size variations or a mobile version.

cost: $6,000; $8,500
size: 54"H X 42"W; 78”H x 66”W

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