Emotions at Play with Pixar’s Inside Out

The first interactive exhibit based on Pixar's award-winning film, Inside Out

about the exhibit

Emotions at Play with Pixar’s Inside Out, the first interactive exhibit based on the award-winning film, helps visitors – young and old – understand the important role emotions, memory and imagination play in our everyday lives. Focusing on the five core emotions featured in Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear – hands-on and digital experiences in the exhibit offer opportunities to explore some of the ways we express our emotions – and recognize emotions in others, too.

  • Step into Headquarters to explore the range and intensity of emotions at the Control Panel.
  • Explore some of the ways we show how we feel with our faces and bodies at the Emotions Mirrors.
  • Think about an important memory and how it made you feel – or show how you are feeling right now by creating a glowing Memory Sphere.
  • Use your imagination to create a story and perform it at Dream Productions.
  • Work to keep the train on track – what feelings do you have when you control and balance the Train of Thought.
  • Explore how emotions work together as you stack and balance the Emotion Blocks.
  • The exhibition was developed by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios.

This exhibit has bilingual (English/Spanish) signage.

Cost: $85,000 plus inbound shipping
Size: 2,000 - 2,500 sq. ft.
Subjects: Branded Characters, Social Emotional Learning, Pretend Play
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tour schedule

Spring 2022 — Booked : Museum of Science, Boston, MA
Summer 2022 — Booked : Discovery Cube, LA, Smylar, CA
Fall 2022 — Booked : National Children's Museum, Washington DC.
Spring 2023 — Booked : Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Summer 2023 — Booked : Minnesota Children's Museum, St. Paul, MN
Fall 2023 — Booked : Atlanta Children’s Museum, Atlanta, GA
Spring 2024 — Booked : The Indianapolis Children's Museum, Indianapolis, IN
Summer 2024 — Booked : Grand Rapids Children's Museum, Grand Rapids, MI
Fall 2024 — Booked : Kansas Children's Discovery Center, Topeka, KS
Spring 2025 — Available
Summer 2025 — Booked : The DoSeum, San Antonio, TX
Fall 2025 — Available
Spring 2026 — Available
Summer 2026 — Available
Fall 2026 — Available

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