KIDSPORT at Pittsburgh International Airport

As part of an overall renovation of the Pittsburgh International Airport, we collaborated with Allegheny County Airport Authority to redesign KIDSPORT, a 2,100 square foot interactive children's play area in Concourse C.  KIDSPORT, originally opened in the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport in March of 1983, was the first play place of its kind. 33 years later, we added interactive components and art to make it a favorite destination for families once again. The renovations, executed by more than 100 airport workers, was a community effort. “Bringing more of the region’s rich arts and cultural scene and featuring our regional assets here is important,” said Christina Cassotis, CEO of the Allegheny County Airport Authority.

In addition to installing works of art by Amanda Long (Silly Faces and Motion Machine) and Scott Garner (Reach) from the Museum's Tough Art collection, we included  a pair of Balance See-Saws, desgined the entry graphics package and assisted with the overall planning for the space. With our partners at The Fred Rogers’ Company, we also updated the Fred Rogers' Company Kiosk, creating graphics, updated the video and artifacts celebrating Fred Rogers, and added Holding Hands, an interactive sign that welcomes you with words from Fred Rogers himself.

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Anne Fullenkamp