Chevron STEM Zone at PNC Park

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh partnered with Chevron to develop an interactive baseball-themed STEM Zone at PNC Park, featuring displays and immersive interactive experiences that communicate science, technology, engineering, and math principles related to baseball. Opening in 2018, the STEM Zone was created to actively engage children and families during their time at baseball games.

With educational exercises like a vertical scale that allows visitors to explore how body position affects the height of a jump, to interactive graphics that let visitors measure and compare distances on the baseball diamond, children are invited to learn vital STEM-based skills in an enjoyable, hands-on way.

The exhibit also features a video wall that showcases the development and manufacturing of items like baseballs, gloves, and bats; a batting cage that utilizes a shortened bat and VR technology to give visitors a 360-degree view of the ballpark as they swing for the fences; and a TV and radio broadcasters’ booth that allows kids to call the games in real time, while also being immersed in a role play experience.

Anne Fullenkamp