ball bouncer


The Ball Bouncer component features an array of 16 orange balls that bounce in a sine curve pattern when released by a simple lever. Users push the orange balls up to the top rail, where they are held in place by small magnets until the lever is pushed, releasing the balls sequentially, causing them to slide down the metal rods and bounce until they come to rest on the bottom rail.

Constructed of powder coated steel, this durable, interactive component requires little supervision or facilitation, making it well-suited for busy, public spaces. The component measures approximately 120”L x 48”H x 4” W and requires 110AC power.

Single Unit: $30,000.00

bubble seesaw

This piece combines two things that no child can resist: seesaws and bubbles. The Bubble Seesaw features a water tank with bubbles that increase as the seesaw moves up and down. This imaginative twist on a playground staple incorporates a simple cause-and-effect activity that young children really enjoy.

The Bubble Seesaw consists of a round wooden platform, seesaw with metal handlebars and acrylic water tank with wood frame. The piece is sized for small children.

Bubble See-Saw: $22,500


Build-It is a custom-made building system that lets children create unique structures using real materials and methods. All elements are drilled with a standard-size hole pattern, making all of the pieces interchangeable, yet no two structures will ever be the same. This imaginative twist on a staple incorporates fine motor skills with opportunities for exploring the fundamentals of STEAM principles and cooperative learning.

The system consists of three main elements – metal and plastic structural channels, cladding panels of various materials and zinc nuts and bolts. A custom built storage unit is included. A mobile version for use in classrooms or other non-exhibit setting is also available. The exhibit is sized to 150 - 200 sq. feet.

One Kit and Storage Unit: $18,500
One Kit and Mobile Storage Unit: $22,500

car track

Children can design their own own custom raceway on the Car Track to watch their cars go up hills, bend with the road and race straight ahead. The interchangeable track pieces fit together with magnets, making it easy for children of all ages to use. The mobile storage cart is designed to encourage sorting by size.

The exhibit includes 30 Car Track pieces and is fabricated with solid Baltic Birch Plywood with a clear coat finish, HPDE and miscellaneous hardware. A variety of commercially available toy cars are compatible for use with the tracks.

Single Ramp: $13,500
Double Ramp: $18,500

 Chain Reaction Building table

The Chain Reaction Building Table is a custom-built fixture that supports building Chain Reaction machines using common objects alongside custom built parts and built-in targets and obstacles. This open-ended STEM activity gives you the pieces and parts and the goal and nothing in between. It’s up to you to decide how to ring the bell. The shape of the table allows users to work on their own machine, or work with others to come up with a more complex solution. All four sides have trough-style bins for easy parts storage and clean-up.

The component is 52” square and 24” H. It is constructed of solid wood, HDPE plastic and polycarbonate. The color of the top can be customized. The table can be fitted with or without casters. Specific design details will be provided for owners approval prior to fabrication.

Chain Reaction Building Table: $13,750, plus inbound shipping

custom tables & benches

A collection of custom tables and benches was developed to meet the various programmatic needs of hands-on environments. These fixtures are designed to be reconfigured to allow for maximum use and flexibility. They are often specified for informal learning spaces, including libraries, museums and maker and art classrooms.

All pieces are made-to-order and include multiple choices of finishes, materials and leg styles.

Contact us for pricing and specification details. 


gravity room

The Gravity Room is tilted at a 25° angle to the floor, as are most of the items inside, which creates an amazing optical illusion. The brain receives conflicting messages - ­it can’t decide if it is the body or the items in the room that are not standing straight. A ball appears as if it rolls up hill. The Gravity Room teaches visitors that they can’t always rely upon their senses to discern what is real and what is merely an illusion.      

Design drawings are available for purchase.

Contact us for custom pricing and specification details.

light peg walls

Light Peg Wall reimagines a classic children’s toy, turning the experience into a magical, larger than life activity for early childhood audiences. Children can explore light, color and patterns by inserting transparent colored rods into the light box. A light table provides another interactive surface, as well as additional storage for the pegs. This component provides children with the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills through sensory play.

Each light wall unit measures 39.5” x 39.5” x 7.5”. A custom lock box will be created to sit below the walls for use by staff to store pegs. The exhibit components are fabricated with hardwood plywood, acrylic and polycarbonate polymer (Lexan). The individual units include LED lights and small fans to keep the interior cooled. The exhibit requires 110VAC. Each unit is provided with 100 pegs of assorted colors.

Single Wall Unit: $6,750
Set of 3 Units: $18,000

Other options are available, including size variations, a free-standing unit or a table-top version.

Contact us for pricing and specification details.

 studio light table

Studio Light Tables are multi-purpose drawing tables that let you practice drawing techniques. There is a space for a built-in video monitor for showing tutorials or information about artists. This customizable table is designed to be used in any hands-on art or maker space, making it suitable for blossoming artists of all ages and abilities.

The Studio Light Tables are 42L x 36D x 28H” and are fabricated from Baltic Birch Plywood and include a acrylic surface over the LED light board and storage space for tools and materials.

Double-Sided Table: $8,500


limb bender

The Limb Bender is a one-and-a-half story enclosed climbing structure that allows children to safely reach heights they never thought possible. The long, wide maze of platforms makes it easy for most children to navigate through this unique climber. Parents can watch from below as their children crawl high above their heads in this life-sized ant farm.

The Limb Bender as designed is seven levels comprised of 30 aluminum framed decks with rubber surfacing for children to climb on and over. A wooden frame supports the decks. Children enter and exit from either end at the lower level only. The interior is encased with stainless steel mesh on one side and acrylic panels on the other. The Limb Bender design is flexible in all dimensions and materials.

Design drawings are available for purchase.

Contact us for custom pricing and specification details. 

look out

Look Out is an outdoor structure that provides the perfect atmosphere for imaginative play. Children can climb the stairs to their very own fortress and use the periscope to look out on the surrounding landscape. They can raise and lower a flag on the flagpole or use a crank to open and close the roof. The lighting on the Lookout is powered by solar panels.

Design drawings are available for purchase.

Contact us for pricing and specification details.


Machine Walls


Designed for use in hands-on museums, maker spaces and classrooms, the Machine Wall is a custom-built system of magnetic parts that lets visitors make their own chain reaction machine by arranging a series of ramps and tubes on the magnetic surface, creating new ways to move a ball from point A to B to C, and so on. The machines also tell a story by layering images of familiar, iconic Rube Goldberg illustrations in the sequence. Other real objects, like chimes, bells or wheels, add a layer of artistry and humor to exploring the fundamentals of STEM principles.

The component is constructed of solid Baltic Birch Plywood, HDPE plastics, galvanized steel sheet and polycarbonate plastics with graphics. The wall can be designed as a free standing component or it can be placed against a flat wall. In the free-standing unit, the back panel can be finished with wood and used for signage or fitted with additional magnet sheet to create a double-sided exhibit. The component is 16’-0” long, 4’-0” wide at its base and 5’-0” tall at the highest point; overall dimensions can be modified to fit the installation site. Specific design details will be provided for owners approval prior to fabrication.

All versions come with one of two challenge starter sets that include both fixed and movable elements. Help the mouse get some cheese includes two (2) fixed wheels with ramps and three (3) fixed baskets. Help the dog get a bone includes a set of fixed steps, one (1) fixed basket and one (1) fixed bell. Both sets include (6) 18” ramps, (6) 12” ramps and (4) flexible tubes. The double-sided version includes both the mouse and dog challenge. Additional sets of movable elements are available at an additional cost.

Single-Sided Machine Wall: $18,500.00
Free-Standing Machine Wall: $21,500.00
Double-Sided Machine Wall: $27,500.00
plus inbound shipping

maker storage cabinet

The Maker Storage Cabinet is a completely contained, movable storage unit filled with the basic tools to create a maker space in flexible, temporary or classroom-style spaces. The cabinet includes materials and tools needed to facilitate a variety of scale-able activities, including hardware, basic hand tools and other making supplies to support educational programming.

The cabinet is available as a counter-height unit (36”W x 36”D x 30”H, closed and 72”W x 18”D x 30H”, fully open) or as a tall unit (36”W x 30”D x 84”H, closed and 66”W x 84”H, fully open). Interior features include extra deep drawers, adjustable shelves and peg board, providing multiple, flexible storage options. The counter height unit can be fitted with a removable table top. It is fabricated with hardwood plywood and miscellaneous hardware, equipped with eight lockable casters.

Counter-Height Cabinet: $6,500; with Table Top: $7,500
Tall Cabinet: $9,500

mixed media making table

Visitors can take a seat around the round Making Table and get their hands messy with clay, create found object sculptures, or practice other creative techniques. By experimenting with their hands and different tools, teaching artists and educators can explore a variety of concepts utilizing this multi-purpose table. The round table allows visitors to decide if they would like to work independently or collaboratively with others.

The custom-designed table has a solid wood top with a changeable plastic work surface that can be layered on top. This surface is easy to clean and suitable for wet or messy materials. The center of the table is fitted with a heavy rubber storage bin, which can be used to hold tools or materials. The standard table is 60” diameter and the base can be fitted with casters.

All-Purpose Making Table: $6,750                                                                                                                                              

more light

Artist Dick Esterle created More Light for the Museum in 2008. He uses basic geometric forms and mathematical pattern to create a colorful and lyrical installation that captures light and redefines space. Made entirely of paper clips and surveyors tape, the installation creates visual appeal complementary to your space. Located in the Museum’s Post Office Building, the ribbons appear to be hanging in midair. 

The installation consists of 840 pink and orange streamers of surveyor's flagging tape, each 28' long and suspended in a 28'x28'x28' grid configuration. The streamers hang from a series of chain linked paper clips - 9,800 in all.

This is a site specific commissioned work of art.

Contact us for more information.



See your favorite images come to life using this early form of animation, the praxinoscope. Spin the table top and look in the mirrors: the rapid succession of images creates the illusion of motion. Switch out the custom made dance cards to bring other characters to life or mix and match. This interactive device can be used with STEAM programming to create opportunities for open-ended creative exploration and learning.

The praxinoscope is 24”Diameter x 28”H and is fabricated from Baltic Birch plywood and acrylic mirrors, with storage for the illustrated cards. Template animation graphic cards are included. Specific animated designs are available for an additional fee.

Praxinoscope: $7,500

sand light table

The Sand Light Table takes a familiar play experience and reimagines it to add another dimension for sensory exploration and hands-on material exploration. Children can sculpt and comb white sand made colorful with the back-lit platforms. The raised platforms change how children interact with the sand, creating thin layers across the lit surface, in contrast to traditional behavior of building or digging. This subtle change makes this activity well suited for early learning centers and sensory exploration spaces.

A typical bar section is approximately 60”L x 24” D x 26” H. The tables are made of solid wood, acrylic and miscellaneous hardware. The tables are made-to-order and can be customized. Specific dimensions, table shapes and materials can be selected to fit.

Small Table or Standard Bar: $11,500
Complete Set (2 bars and low table): $30,000

sensory exploration table

Manipulate colorful granulated material across a sculpted landscape - covering and uncovering the surface of the table.

One table: $6,000



Trace a friend’s profile, also known as a Silhouette, onto a sheet of paper. Then, sit still as you have your silhouette drawn. Tracing requires concentration and careful attention to the person sitting for the portrait. Once drawn, silhouettes can be displayed and compared – allowing participants to note the similarities and differences in each other. This unique set up of light boxes make the process accessible to all ages and abilities.

The component consists of a LED light box, a camera and drawing station, all connected with a floor platform that puts everyone in the right position to create a clear profile in shadow. The exhibit requires 110VAC. The complete unit is 75”W x 94”L and is ADA accessible. The component is designed to be operated by remote control to facilitate daily operations. An optional gallery wall with clips lets visitors display their portraits. Other customizations and custom graphic design are available upon request. 

Drawing Station: $22,500; with display wall: $32,500

Contact us for custom pricing and specification details. 


silkscreen counter

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh has been silk screening for over 20 years and it continues to be one of the most engaging art experiences for visitors of all ages. The custom built counter is equipped with two printing beds and under counter storage for supplies. This type of silkscreen printmaking uses paper to make the image, so this can be done easily in a public setting.

The unit comes with four blank screens, start-up supplies and an instruction signage package. The counter measures approximately 56”L x 24”W x 26”H and is fabricated with hardwood plywood and miscellaneous hardware. Access to running water is required. The activity is designed for a 150- 200 square foot space.

Single Counter: $6,500
Double Counter: $11,500

slushy table

Play and sculpt with shaved ice using tools at this custom built Slushy Table. The round top is segmented so you can make your own individual sculpture while still sharing the experience with others. Colorful LED lights under shine through the white acrylic tops, adding to the playful exploration opportunities. This activity is an innovative approach to STEAM learning and can be scaled for children of various ages and interests.

The table is made of acrylics, metal and wood, and is approximately 60” diameter and 28” H. There is a chiller in the base to keep the work stations cool. Each work station has a channel that lets the melting ice drain back into the center bin. This unit requires 110V AC power and must be in a wet-tolerant space. The shaved ice is made by a commercially available show cone machine.

Slushy Table: $21,000

thank you tree

Writing is an important way to express your emotions. The Thank You Tree is an easy and engaging way to present a response experience for visitors that also creates an engaging display. Populate the tree with tags, filled with messages of thanks, remembrance or other responses tied to your specific exhibit experience. The result is a constantly changing collection of notes that form an engaging narrative of thoughts and feelings.

Constructed of solid wood (frame and base) with expanded metal panels, the tree is approximately 80”H x 66”W at its widest point. Depending on the style of ‘leaf’, they can be tied with string or attached with twist ties.

Thank You Tree: $7,250

Other options are available, including size variations or a mobile version.

Contact us for custom pricing and specification details.

train tables

Build confidence and imagination through pretend play at the Train Tables. The curvy tables encourage pretend play, fine-motor skills and opportunities for social interaction. Suitable for early childhood play areas, the train tracks can be fixed to the tops or carved directly into the table top. The table bases have built in storage shelves for easy access to materials.

The tables are approximately 84”L x 36”W x 24”H and made of Baltic birch plywood. The table surface can be plastic laminate, wood or another solid surface material. The tables are made-to-order and can be customized. A variety of commercially available toy cars are compatible for use with the tracks.

Single Train Table: $5,500
Set of Three: $13,000

weaving wall

Explore texture, color and pattern at this highly tactile Weaving Wall. This component uses a flexible metal and wood frame as a scaffold for both simple or complex designs. People of all ages and abilities can experiment with various techniques and materials to create a constantly evolving moment of collaborative art making.

The panels are hinged together, allowing for a variety of space-saving configurations. Each mesh panel measures approximately 48”H x 72”L x 12”W, and is available in several standard patterns. Custom mesh patterns are available for an added fee.

Weaving Wall: $7,500

Contact us for custom pricing and specification details. 

whirlwind room

Step into this custom-made, circular Whirlwind Room to feel the force of moving air in a whirlwind motion. By testing various materials, children see what happens when objects are tossed into a steam of fast moving air. This exhibit provides children the opportunity to build curiosity about STEAM topics through experimentation and play.

The Whirlwind Room exhibit is an 8’-0” diameter circular chamber with two blowers attached on opposite sides, creating a wind vortex inside. The room is fabricated with plywood framing and acrylic walls. The blowers are encased in matching plywood boxes that sit on the floor outside of the chamber. There are two portals that allow for user entry and egress.

Design drawings are available for purchase.

Design Drawing Set: $2,500

XOXO seesaw

Sit on the XOXO Seesaw and work together to balance a ball encased in a long, clear tube. Balance is achieved when the ball is centralized. This unique interpretation of a classic playground experience requires teamwork, communication and cooperation as both participants must work in tandem to succeed.

The unit measures approximately 92” x 17” x 9.5”. The exhibit is fabricated with solid maple wood with a clear coat and colored stain, acrylic tube, two-color ball encased inside the tube, rubber membrane and miscellaneous hardware. The unit includes adjustable leveling feet. CMP recommends locating the exhibit on a rubber mat or carpeted surface to reduce movement during use.

Teeter Totter: $8,500
Set of Two (Big and Small): $15,000

8-panel play station

This 8-Panel Play Station exhibit features a set of 8 panel activity walls, each fitted with a tactile and imaginative play experience. Surface materials include a Duplo/Lego Block base, mirror, magnet boards, and felt. Props and accessories of various themes can be cycled through to provide endless opportunities for play.

Constructed of solid wood, the L-shaped units have integral storage bins and can be set-up in several configurations. The overall unit is measures approximately 38”W x 46”H x 38” D; each activity panel measures 24”W x 36”H x 9”D

Single Unit: $5,500