light peg walls

Light Peg Wall reimagines a classic children’s toy, turning the experience into a magical, larger than life activity for early childhood audiences. Children can explore light, color and patterns by inserting transparent colored rods into the light box. A light table provides another interactive surface, as well as additional storage for the pegs. This component provides children with the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills through sensory play.

Each light wall unit measures 39.5” x 39.5” x 7.5”. A custom lock box will be created to sit below the walls for use by staff to store pegs. The exhibit components are fabricated with hardwood plywood, acrylic and polycarbonate polymer (Lexan). The individual units include LED lights and small fans to keep the interior cooled. The exhibit requires 110VAC. Each unit is provided with 100 pegs of assorted colors.

Single Wall Unit: $6,750
Set of 3 Units: $18,000

Other options are available, including size variations, a free-standing unit or a table-top version.

Contact us for pricing and specification details.