Presley's Place wins AIA Pittsburgh's 2019 People's Choice Award

Presley’s Place, a quiet, sensory-friendly room at Pittsburgh International Airport, won the People’s Choice Award during an awards ceremony Thursday hosted by the American Institute of Architects’ local chapter. Presley’s Place is in Concourse A of the airport’s airside terminal near Gate A9.

Children’s Musuem of Pittsburgh partnered with American Airlines and Hayes Design Group, an architecture firm based in Robinson, to design the interactive airplane exhibit inside of Presley’s Place for its client, the Allegheny County Airport Authority.  This space uses the actual airplane parts, including seats, overhead bins and carpet, used in the passenger cabins of the American Airlines planes, so individuals can become acclimated to the process of boarding an airplane without ever leaving the ground.

CMP recreated the interior of the cabin by building a support structure, assembling the donated airplane parts and then replicating various details and accessories needed to create the most complete interior possible. Specific donated items included three rows of seats, overhead bins, the side wall panels with windows, carpeting and overhead light fixtures. Working closely with XYZ Custom, Inc, CMP created the jet bridge, cabin divider and threshold ramps.

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Rachel Mastromarino