New Art Installation Draws the Public to Look Up

Los Angeles and New York City-based architectural office FreelandBuck expand on their exploration of three-dimensional drawing with their new site-specific installation, Over View. On display at Museum Lab, a new project of the the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, the ceiling installation is a three-dimensional drawing depicting the site's central lobby of the former Carnegie Library. The 34-foot x 38-foot suspended installation is made of printed textile cut and hung over an aluminum frame. The piece recreates the site's ornamental building accents and former glass ceiling before its renovation in the 1970s. FreelandBuck's design approach for the project was influenced by Renaissance-era trompe l’oeil ceilings. 

Brennan Buck, partner at FreelandBuck shares, "The intricacy of the original ceiling, allowed us to create a dense cloud of lines overhead while clearly evoking the ornamental style of the original building." Through the power of depth perspectives Over View creates an illusionary visual showcasing an intricate pattern of lines and abstractions. The project installation was commissioned in an effort to help restore the historic building in order to provide a new museum for older kids looking to experience and learn art technology. Over View is a continuation of FreelandBuck's previous project, Parallax Gap, which was exhibited in 2017 by the Rewnick Gallery at the Smithsonian Museum of Art. 

On view at Museum Lab on April 27th, the exhibition allows guests to be lost and immersed in a visual puzzle of layered lines and patterns

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