Chain Reaction Building table

The Chain Reaction Building Table is a custom-built fixture that supports building Chain Reaction machines using common objects alongside custom built parts and built-in targets and obstacles. This open-ended STEM activity gives you the pieces and parts and the goal and nothing in between. It’s up to you to decide how to ring the bell. The shape of the table allows users to work on their own machine, or work with others to come up with a more complex solution. All four sides have trough-style bins for easy parts storage and clean-up.

The component is 52” square and 24” H. It is constructed of solid wood, HDPE plastic and polycarbonate. The color of the top can be customized. The table can be fitted with or without casters. Specific design details will be provided for owners approval prior to fabrication.

Chain Reaction Building Table: $13,750, plus inbound shipping