Music Machine Wall 

The Music Machine Wall is a custom-built chain reaction machine that uses a sequence of mechanical interactions to move a ball from point A to B to C, and so on. Inspired by the work of Rube Goldberg, the machine tells a story by embedding familiar objects and iconic images in the sequence. As the ball traverses the objects on the wall, it activates chimes, bells and other sounds, creating an unusual musical instrument.

The component will be constructed of solid wood, HDPE plastics, acrylics with embedded graphics. The wall is designed to be a free standing component or it can be used against a flat wall. The back panel can be finished with wood and used for signage or fitted with a magnet sheet for complimentary open ended systems building activities. The component is 20’-6” long, 4’-0” wide at its base and 5’-0” tall at the highest point. Specific design details will be provided for owners approval prior to fabrication.

Music Machine Wall: $35,000, plus inbound shipping