Ehrman Crest Elementary/Middle School – Seneca Valley School District

exploring how schools can emulate children's museums by creating learning spaces more compelling, relevant, engaging, and successful for students.


We’ve partnered with the architectural firm CannonDesign to create a new school through the lens of a children’s museum. Ehrman Crest Elementary/Middle School in the Seneca Valley School District is for grades K-6 and is the first of its kind. This educational facility will serve as a model for others to come in demonstrating why physical learning environments play a key role in educational outcomes. We took the formal structure and made it engaging and interactive inside and outside of the classroom. Ehrman Crest models exciting new ideas around how corridors and walls are used, how the building and surrounding natural environment can be teaching tools, how adaptability allows for constant curation of physical learning spaces, and how space can take students on learning journeys. Each wing and level has its own floor patterns running down the center and is equivalent to each grade level. Also, each grade has a dedicated collaboration space to give teachers and students opportunities to work together and get the students outside the traditional classroom. Kindergarten has their own suite as an enclosed loft on the second floor with dedicated access routes to a roof terrace play garden. Ultimately, the building’s learning spaces are compelling, relevant and engaging for students, especially when teachers and students are empowered to curate their own experiences. After years in the making, the school is now open for the 2022-2023 school year.

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