Hervé Tullet’s Art Explosion: Pittsburgh

The artwork of artist and children’s book author Hervé Tullet is highlighted by visitor artwork, video footage and a curated audio environment to create a world of color and creativity in the unique style of the artist.


Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh collaborated with renowned artist and children’s book author Hervé Tullet (Press Here, Mix It Up!, I Am Blop!) to offer Art Explosion: Pittsburgh in February 2017. The exhibition showcases the artwork of Tullet, some never seen before in the United States in a unique custom display and hanging system that allows the works to float in space and encourages the audience to move through them. Artwork by visitors, created with staff through a workshop kit by Tullet, is included in the exhibition, producing a visually pleasing world of color and promoting an appreciation for artistic techniques used by Tullet in his art practice.

An original soundtrack featuring recordings of public workshops, Tullet’s voice, and musical selections highlight the exhibit, as well as compilation videos featuring interviews with Tullet, footage of workshops and animations. The exhibition also includes a workshop kit to facilitate visitor art making; a display case with an original signed copy of Press Here, one of Tullet’s most successful books that inspired his work with children; and a biographical gallery to walk visitors through Tullet’s career and put his current work in context.

Tullet continues to exhibit his work internationally and regularly publishes new and inspiring books for children and art lovers alike.

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