Kindness Gallery

Explore an exhibition created to encourage ways to be kind and recognize everyday acts of kindness, inspired by the work of Fred Rogers.


Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh renovated an existing exhibition gallery around the theme of kindness and empathy as a ‘base camp’ for our ongoing work in social-emotional learning. Inspired by the Museum’s long relationship with Fred Rogers, the exhibition is designed to encourage visitors to practice ways to be kind and learn to recognize simple everyday acts of kindness. The space encourages mutli-sensory exploration through tactile surfaces, audio and visual interest and gross and fine-motor challenges. The centerpiece of the room is the Care Package Delivery activity, a hybrid physical and augmented reality experience, that lets visitors fill and send a special package to someone they care about. A warm and vibrant color and material palette evokes a feeling of comfort and safety, and mirrors add light and depth to the gallery and reflect messages of kindness.

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