Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

interactive stations in the gardens and trails offer activities and information to enhance visitor experience.


We collaborated with the education team at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden to create a set of interactive stations for the new Pollinator Trail. The series of interactive stations are located throughout Hillside Pollinator Garden, Margaret Lawrence Simon Dogwood Meadow and the Apiary. Each station features an activity around a theme about pollination. At one, users move pollen to learn how it can travel by wind or bees. Another station shows how a bee sees differently than a human and how that helps the insects to land on a petal. At the Apiary, users can pretend to be a beekeeper and take a photo in a bee suit. At that station, visitors can see what happens in a beehive and learn more about the tools needed to care for the European honey bee. The Garden’s active beehives are close by to spend time watching them. There also is information on native bees. The scope of work included development and design of the interactive stations, graphic design and illustration of panels, supervision of fabrication and installation. The partnership will continue with a new shared membership between the two non-profit organizations, as well as educational programs.

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