The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is dedicated to fostering the talent and innovation of artists as experience makers.


The Tough Art Residency Program, which began in 2007, looks to expand the skills of established and emerging artists, which in turn meets a great need in the museum field – artists whose work becomes accessible to a larger public through experience in one of the toughest venues for art: a children’s museum.


This residency offers a $5,500 honorarium, $3,000 materials budget, access to fabrication facilities, marketing and documentation services, and an opening reception. Out-of-town artists are provided with housing and transit to/from Pittsburgh. 

We encourage submissions from artists who represent the broad spectrum of the greater artist community, including emerging artists with demonstrated capabilities. We are looking for diversity in age, gender, ethnicity and gender expression as well as diversity in medium.


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The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh prides itself on its art collection and work we do with fine artists. We understand the value that the arts have on early childhood development and put great emphasis on being a cultural institution that bridges the gap between children and the fine art world. Click here to see artworks we currently have on view at the Museum.