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The Tough Art Residency Program seeks to connect artists from across the spectrum of all the arts to the resources at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.


The artists accomplish three goals:
1. Generate and implement interactive, immersive and/or collaborative projects.
2. Engage museum professionals in critical dialog as it relates to their work.
3. Connect the art making process to the larger museum context and the museum visitor.

Across the residency, artists are given two tasks:
1. Create a piece to be incorporated into the facility with direct impact on the visitor experience.
2. Prototype and evaluate their process to achieve the desired outcome.

It is important to remember that Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is a very public place, and that art within a children’s museum occupies a unique niche of public art. This type of experimentation and art process has remained largely tangential to the main course of the art world. The Museum embraces the opportunity that this type of art-making affords. It fits in the values and the Museum’s point of view in presenting new ideas to family audiences.


Tough Art Through the Years (2007-2017)

Nimbus Drum, Shohei Katayama, 2017.

Drawn Together, Robert Zacharias, 2017. 

Urchin Searchin Sound, Arvid Tomayko & H. Gene Thompson, 2017. 

The NEST, Megan Flod Johnson, 2017. 

Bubble Device #5, Nicholas Hanna, 2016. 

To Conjugate, Anne Lilly, 2016. 

Music Animation Machine, Stephen Malinowski, 2016. 

Fist Sized Survival, Nobuho Nagasawa, 2016. 

Moon Shine, Ann Tarantino, 2015. 

Feeeedbaaaack, Danny Bracken, 2015. 

Giant Breath Taker, Rachel Buse, 2015. 

Shy Lights, Charles Sowers, 2015. 

Space Sheep, Jenna Boyles, 2014. 

Fissure and Quake, Jesse Kauppila & Dakotah Konicek, 2014. 

Prism Palace, Lindsay Packer, 2014. 

OmniNimbus, Stephanie Ross, 2014. 

Pyramids, Chris Beauregard, 2013. 

Reach, Scott Garner, 2013. 

Fragment Field, Katie Ford, 2013. 

Monstroscopy, Isla Hansen & Luke Loeffler, 2013. 

Kitty Kiddie Meow MeowScott Andrew & Jonathan Armistead, 2012.

Syncopated Rhythm, Jeremy Boyle Kevin Clancy, 2012. 

Things That Fly, John Peña, 2012. 

Barrels!, Will Schlough, 2012. 

Giant Interactive Kaleidoscope, Christina Zaras, 2011. 

The Invisible Wall, Felipe Castelblanco, 2011. 

Queen Simon and The Sommeloth, Jennifer Myers & Daniel Luchman, 2011.

The Honorable and Bewhiskered Herman Hibel, Zach Dorn, 2011. 

Temperamental Stairs, Agnes Bolt & Arthur Jones, 2010. 

The BeastNova Jiang, 2010. 

Motion Machine, Amanda Long, 2010. 

Aerophone, Blaine Siegel, 2010.

Drop Ceiling No. 3 (Dark Store), Anneka Herre, 2009. 

Nutnutkin-Kinnutkin, Ian Ingram, 2009. 

Ferrous Wheel, Matt Metz, 2009. 

the eXpedition, Jennifer Van Winkle, 2009. 

A Day in the Life of a Tree, Ben Bigelow, 2008. 

The Giant, David Butts, 2008. 

An Obscured Neutral Moment #1, Rick Gribenas, 2008. 

Bullies in Our Woods, Wendy Osher, 2008. 

Drum Machine, Matt Barton, 2007.

Windy World, Joey Hays, 2007. 

Floating Platform, Greg Witt, 2007. 

Broadcast, Eileen Maxson, 2007.