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Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh creates innovative exhibits and interactive environments that are characterized by a curious, playful and multi-layered approach.

We believe that design excellence delivers museum experiences that are authentic, intuitive, responsive, sustainable, accessible and inclusive, meaningful and memorable. By leaving play open ended, we present the opportunity for greater, more diverse experiences that extend exploration and learning.

To this end, the Museum committed to designing and prototyping exhibits in accordance with the “Play with Real Stuff” design philosophy. Prototyping and getting feedback from our visitors is the heart and soul of our design process. We value the insight real interactions give us and work to create engaging experiences that will provoke the imaginations of children of all ages. This highly collaborative process extends our capacity to deliver the most innovative exhibits for our audience and elevates the practice of exhibition design for family audiences.

Our practice of collaboration extends to the team we assemble for each project. The Museum seeks out talent from various disciplines including artists, scientists, researchers and other design professionals who bring different ways of seeing spaces and envisioning experiences. This results in innovative exhibits that foster play, experiential learning and social interaction for children and families.

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Our team is passionate about creating innovative, open-ended exhibits and interactive environments that embrace design excellence and are authentic, accessible and inclusive, meaningful, sustainable and fun! We bring years of experience in design, interactive experiences and museums to every project and exhibit.

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