car tracks

build a custom toy-car raceway with ramps, curves and straightaways.

about the exhibit component

Design your own raceway and watch the cars go up hills, bend with the road and race straight ahead. The interchangeable track pieces fit together with magnets, making it easy for children of all ages to use.

The ramps mobile storage cart is designed to encourage sorting by size, and includes 30 car track pieces total. A variety of commercially available toy cars are compatible for use with the tracks.

materials: Baltic birch plywood with clear coat finish, HDPE, and miscellaneous hardware.
cost: Standard Ramp: $15,500
Double Ramp (standard & short ramps): $25,000
Size: Short Ramp: 3'W x 8'L x 30"H
Standard Ramp: 3'Wx 12'L x 36"H

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