I AM WILD: A Charley Harper Exhibit

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I AM WILD: A CHARLEY HARPER EXHIBIT is inspired by the series of children’s books “I Am Wild” and Harper’s related artwork about biodiversity. Visitors will explore the desert, rainforest, ocean, sky, woods and city, each filled with colorful animals, insects, and birds depicted in the minimal realistic style Harper perfected through his life time.

The exhibition will mix immersive play experiences with learner-driven, art-making activities. By encouraging multidisciplinary exploration, visitors will build an appreciation for the interdependency of our environment and the creatures that live in it, as well as see ways they can express their feelings about nature in Charley’s world – a fun place that brings them joy and encourages creativity.

I Am Wild: A Charley Harper Exhibit was created by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in partnership with Charley Harper Art Studio.

COST: $70,000 plus inbound shipping
SIZE: 2,000 - 2,500 sq. ft. with giclees
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tour schedule

Spring 2025 — Booked : GRAND OPENING Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Summer 2025 — Booked : Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Fall 2025 — Available
Spring 2026 — Available
Summer 2026 — Booked : Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN
Fall 2026 — Booked : Museum of Discovery, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Spring 2027 — Available
Summer 2027 — Available
Fall 2027 — Available
Spring 2028 — Available
Summer 2028 — Available

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