maker storage cabinet

a unique cabinet that will help you create a maker space in flexible, temporary, or classroom-style spaces.

about the exhibit component

Turn any space into a maker space with this completely contained and movable storage unit. This cabinet can be filled with the basic materials and tools needed to facilitate a variety of scalable activities.

Interior features include extra deep drawers, adjustable shelves, and peg board, which provides multiple storage options for hardware, basic hand tools, and other making supplies. The counter-height unit can be fitted with a removable table top.

materials: hardwood plywood, miscellaneous hardware, and equipped with eight lockable casters.
cost: Counter-Height Cabinet: $6,500
with Table Top: $8,000
Tall Cabinet: $11,500
size: Counter-Height Cabinet: 36”W x 36”D x 30”H closed and 72”W x 18”D x 30H” fully open
Tall Cabinet: 36”W x 30”D x 78”H closed and 66”W x 78”H fully open

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