measuring table

measuring volume is tactile, easy and fun at this custom table.

about the exhibit component

Pour a variety of loose and tactile materials using different styles of measuring cups and scoops in different containers. This activity allows for multiple informal learning opportunities as children explore both the sensory qualities of the materials and how to test math concepts using measuring tools.

The tables are built as an inverted counter with a deep basin to hold the material and tools, and it has a high back to display graphics related to measuring. This component can be a single unit located against a wall, or a free-standing pair placed back to back. A set of custom measuring containers is included. Specific dimensions, table shapes, and materials can be selected to fit.

materials: wood, acrylic, and miscellaneous hardware
cost: one sided/single $8,500
double sided/pair $14,500
size: 20"D; 42"H; 60"W

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