Space Chips©

sustainable STEAM building activity for informal learning spaces that works for all ages and abilities.

about the exhibit component

Space Chips© is a simple make and take system of slot-together, flat pieces of up-cycled die-cut cardboard triangles, squares and pentagons (3,4, and 5 sided) with equal length edge-slots around their perimeter that connect with each other. The chips intuitively illustrate the connection between simple 2D straight-edged shapes and the spherical spatial aspiration of three-dimensions, and are an accessible way to explore the Platonic and Archimedean solids, as well as many other regular and irregular shapes. Designed by toy inventor Dick Esterle, Space Chips© show the inherent order nature provides using simple primary shapes and their connections. The slots allow wide variations in joinery and accommodate any angle naturally occurring between the Space Chips©. It’s easy to build a simple polyhedron and challenging to build higher-order spherical forms.

This component includes 1 custom Space Chips© die with 3 shapes and license to use assets. This die is designed for use with the AccuCut GrandeMark 2 Die Cutting Machine, not included in the sale but available for purchase at

cost: $925
Additional Die(s): $425
size: Space Chips© Die - 15“ x 18"

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